10 Things You Don’t Know About The Clearwater Marine Aquarium

10 Things You Don’t Know About The Clearwater Marine Aquarium

This past month we got the opportunity to go behind the scenes at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium, otherwise known as Winter the dolphins home, in Florida. 

Just in case you’re not sure what’s so special about the Clearwater aquarium or aware of the story behind Winter the dolphin, let me catch you up on that story.

The Clearwater Aquarium isn’t your typical aquarium, they don’t capture Sealife for profit, instead, they rescue and rehab the injured ones with the hope to release them back into the wild. To do so, however, they have to meet three requirements, be healthy, catch live fish, and be over a year old when rescued. 

Winter the Dolphin didn’t meet these requirements, sadly she lost her tail, so the Clearwater Aquarium will be her forever home. If you want to hear the whole story I encourage you to watch the movie a dolphin Tale, I know you’ll love it.

They Did What?

The houseboat, from the movie A Dolphin Tale, was sunk to the bottom of the ocean to create an artificial reef.

Sea World was the first to respond to Winter being stranded. They chose to contact the Clearwater Aquarium because they felt they had a better area for her to live.


Winters Tail wasn’t amputated, it was so badly damaged, it fell off on its own when she was placed into the pool. Hollywood thought it would make a better movie to have her tail amputated.

In the Dolphin Tale two, there was a dolphin named Mandy, after her rehabilitation she was released into the wild, meaning she wasn’t around to star in the Movie. The dolphin that stared in the show was Nicolas, another rescued dolphin that wasn’t lucky enough to be released. 

Turtles Too.

You may already know this, but the Clearwater Aquarium rescues more than dolphins. They have otters, birds, stingray, and turtles too, lots of turtles. Many of their turtles have been harmed by plastic bags, fishing hooks, and fishing line, so clean up your mess. 

Say What????

The Clearwater Aquarium paid $1 for the aquarium. 

That's Awesome!!!

The building of the Clearwater Marine Aquarium used to be a water treatment plant. A perfect set-up for an aquarium. All of the technology needed to bring in water from the bay was already there. They use this water for all of the marine life pools. 

They rescued a six week old spotted whale that had been attacked by a shark.

One In Seven.

The clearwater aquarium is one in seven places that has a co2 laser to help take off certain tumors that grow on Sea Turtles. 

Bigger Is Better!

They are working on an expansion, and it looks like it’s going to be nice.

Know anything else about the Clearwater Aquarium? Let us know in the comments below. 

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