31 Activities For Kids Stuck At Home During The Coronavirus.

31 Activities For Kids Stuck At Home During The Coronavirus.

Being stuck at home can suck, trust me I know, I’m the type of person that likes to go go go all of the time, but with this Coronavirus going around and everything closing down, we all have to find some things to keep ourselves entertained at home. My mind as been going crazy trying to think of different ways to keep these two kids of mine busy. 

Below’s what I came up with….

Learn To Crochet With Plastic Bags

Have you read about the benefits of this National Emergency? I know I have and as big of a problem as social distancing is for all of us, the earth is loving every minute. 

Use this time at home to do your part in contributing to a greener earth by reusing your plastic bags. 

Social media is great, but there is something special about receiving a letter in the mail. Plus, It’s great writing practice.


Use the spare stuff around your house to create an obstacle course. Do a quick search on YouTube for some ideas, but don’t worry about having the exact materials. Improvise.

If your not into improvising and would prefer to purchase a course, THIS one looks cool. 

Chain Reaction Fun

I love the chain reaction Crazy Machine Turns Lemons Into Lemonade going around Facebook right now. We don’t have nearly enough items to make something like that, but will likely make something smaller.

THIS book looks like it could help with some ideas, but the internet is full of them as well.

We all know that our chances of finding bread at the grocery store are slim to none right now. So why not teach the kids how to make their own. It’s a great way to learn about chemistry. 

Learn About Germs

Trying to stay healthy? Us too, but sometimes kids don’t understand the importance of washing their hands and keeping germs away. What better time to teach them than now? 

I’d suggest including some experiments like THIS one to hold their attention.

Learn About Diseases

Another thing worth learning about in a time like this. Be on the lookout for the unit study I’m putting together on this topic. 

Do you ever watch those videos on YouTube showing the coolest hairstyles that seem simple to do? Give them a try.

Play A Board Game

How many times have you skipped family game night this year? Now is your time to make up for all of those missed nights. Monopoly is a good one to kill time.  

Create Your Own Board Game

Don’t have any board games on hand because of your minimalist on the go lifestyle, create your own. HERE is a kit to get you started.

Learn About The State You Live In Or Are Visiting

How well do you know your home state or the state you’re visiting? Before we started traveling full-time, we didn’t explore our state as we should have. Do your research, find out what’s unique about where you live. Plan a few outings to do as a family once everything gets back to normal.

Make A Craft Out Of Your Recyclables

This past week we completed a unit study regarding the future of our oceans. In that study, it talked about the importance of recycling and how it can help the earth. Since we don’t carry around a whole lot of craft supplies in our suitcases, I thought we’d create some crafts out of our recyclables.

Try Out Some Kitchen Hacks

Like the hairstyle videos, have you ever watched the videos about different kitchen hacks? Try some of them out with the kids. 

Read A Book

Both of our kids love to read as long as it’s a good book, and something they’re interested in, and not something I’ve asked them to read. We’re frequent users of the public and local my little libraries and wish we currently had access to them, but we don’t. Thankfully we have a couple of good books on hand right now and started a free trial with scribd

Mackenzie is currently reading Bigger Than A Bread Box

Xavier is currently reading The series The Land Of Stories 

Make A Vision Board

Making a vision board as been on my to-do list for a long time. Now that we don’t have much else to do, I think we might put one together as a family. 

Listen to A Podcast

Podcasts are great educational resources that are accessible from almost any device. If your tired of your kids staring at the screens but don’t have time to entertain them, podcasts will help.

You might like Wow In The World.

Decorate Your Suitcase

This may sound silly to some, but if you travel full-time, your suitcase is like your bedroom, so decorating it to represent your personality can be fun. 

Complete A Scavenger Hunt

I’m thinking that a scavenger hunt is a good way to get the kids outside exploring for a bit. Fresh air does the body well, however, I’d suggest sticking to your backyard.

Go On A Bike Ride

I feel like it’s been forever since we got to ride bikes. We donated ours when we sold our fifth-wheel a few years back. We’re stoked that our current Airbnb has supplied us with bikes. We have a bit of property to ride our bikes around, but if you don’t go on a family bike ride around your neighborhood. 

Learn How To Draw On YouTube

In the past, the kids loved watching videos that taught them how to draw, Nows a good time to put them drawing lessons into action again.

Create A Fort Out Of Blankets

Traveling to visit the historic forts right now may not be possible, but why not learn about them while you’re practicing your self-distancing and make a replica of them. In the past, we’ve dressed up and reenacted wars as well. If you don’t have any cardboard boxes, try and create one out of blankets lying around the house or pick up a kit

Although something tells me that if you check with your local stores for boxes, they’d have plenty to give you right now.

Complete Some Science Experiments

I get it, most parents hate teaching science because it requires so much of your time, but as of now, we have nothing but time, so find some fun science experiments with things you already have in the house.

You could also order yourself a science kit online.

Explore Your Back Yard

Get outside, find some bugs, play ball, hide n seek, tag, do some yard work, plant a garden (depending on where you live). Enjoy the time you have with your kids right now.

Wash Your Car

Washing your car may not be fun, but chances are it needs to be done. 

Do A Composting Project

Depending on how long the corona-virus stays around, you may or may not have time to finish this project. You can bury some diffent items and food in the dirt in your back yard or pick up something like THIS so you can see what’s going on in the dirt. 

Talk About The Positive Side To Social Distancing

As I stated above, there is a positive side to this epidemic! Research them and try your best to help both you and your kids to stay positive.

Make Slim

Everyone loves slime, even adults, well, at least I do, when it’s not stuck on my couch somewhere, and it only takes a couple of supplies to make. Mix 1/4 of a bottle of glue, 1/4 a cup of water, some food coloring, 1/4 cup of borax, mix and knead, and you have slime that will entertain your kids for at least a couple of minutes.

Do Yoga

Now is the best time to learn some yoga to help calm your anxious body. There are plenty of YouTube Videos out there that will teach you and your children yoga. Get to work.

Learn To Code

Coding is a fantastic skill for kids to learn! Xavier has been learning how to code on and off for the past couple of years. We like Scratch, Kahn Academy, and Bits box as resources. 

There are also several books out there that will teach your kids to code.

Learn About The Future of Our Earth

As I mentioned above, we recently finished up a unit study I put together regarding the future of our ocean. I don’t have the final draft put together, but you can check out the rough draft I shared HERE.

Make Dinner Together As A Family

It seems as though sitting down as a family nowadays is non-existent. Until now, most were too busy to make time for things like that, so why not do it now? Make some pizza together and have a movie night. 

Have A Bonfire

The best thing about bonfires is that you can have them in your back yard. Pick up some marshmellows, chocolate, and of course gram crackers, and make some s’mores while sharing stories around the fire.

That’s it! That’s all of my ideas. Do you have any you’d like to share? Please do in the comments below. 

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