A Letter From A Child To A Legislator

A Letter From A Child To A Legislator

In today’s post, I want to share a letter that Mackenzie (with my help) wrote to our legislator after completing our unit study on the future of our ocean. 

Dear Legislators everywhere, 

We have a problem! A Big Problem! A problem that is so big I’m scared for my future. We are destroying our earth, our home, the place we live. 

Did you know that 1.3 million gallons of oil are spilled into the ocean each year? That oil hurts the animals.

Oil spills are not the only issue, though! People are using toxic chemicals that pollute the earth too. Every time we use toxic soap to wash our dishes, use sprays to keep the bugs, and weeds away or use yucky air fresheners to makes our homes smell good, those chemicals reach our waters too. Even our Great Lakes.

On top of all these chemicals, there is plastic pollution. One time when my family and I went to the ocean in Maine, we woke up to the ocean shore covered in garbage. Plastics bags, cans, old kites, shoes, fishing line, and dead fish were everywhere.  It was sad!

All of these things are killing the coral reefs. If our coral reefs die, the fish that use it to hide will die too, which means the fish that eat them fish will die. I’m not a rocket scientist, but something tells me that this will create a chain reaction and harm much more than I know.

Then there’s the problem of over fishing! We have to stop using harmful fishing tools. I’m not talking about a fishing pole, and lure, I’m talking about things like nets that gather fish faster than they can make babies and damage the coral reef in the process. 

Things like this have to stop now!

I’ve been doing everything I can as a child, I use as little plastic as I can, recycle, and use Eco-friendly soaps, but I need your help. 

Please, help me, help the earth.

                                                                                        Sincerely, A concerned child.

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