About Us

Hello friends, we are a family of four, plus two cats. We lived what most would call the American dream in our sticks and bricks house until December, 2016 when we decided to sell everything we owned, buy a fifth-wheel, and travel the United States.

Life was great we traveled 18 states, experienced things we never thought possible, hiked through canyons, seen dolphins in the wild, sat on a cactus and learned so much together as a family.

These experiences lead us to learn that less in more and that making memories together as a family is far more important than anything we could purchase.

“All Journeys Have Secret Destinations On Which The Traveler Is Unaware”

-Martin Buber-

After a little over a year in the RV, we were ready to live with even less. It was time to jump into our next adventure.

So, in February 2018 we sold both our fifth-wheel and truck, bought a car and now travel around the U.S staying in different cabins, hotels, and Airbnbs along the way.

“The World Is A Book & Those Who Don’t Travel Read Only One Page”

-ST. Augustine-


Mackenzie is nine years old and the baby of the family. She’s the kind of girl that can make friends with a fly on the wall. Some of here favorite things to do are dance and bake. Her goals in life are to own her own bakery and find the fastest slide in the world.

“Bizare Travel Plans Are Dancing Lessons From God”

                            -Kurt Vonnegut




Xavier is twelve years old and an amazing big brother. He loves video games, math, and learning anything and everything about animals. His goal in life is to create his own video game and also find the fastest slide in the world.

“Like All Great Travelers, I’ve Seen More Than I Can Remember, And Remember More Than I’ve Seen.

                         -Benjamin Disr-



I’m the mommy, teacher, cook, and organizer of the family. I have an obsession with everything nutrition and am constantly learning something new. In my spare time, your can find me…… Yeah I don’t have spare time.

“Don’t Tell Me How Educated You Are, Tell Me How Much You Have Traveled





He’s the man that makes our travel life possible. He’s super computer smart and constantly questions everything! He’s a proud daddy, entrepreneur, and enjoys playing video games with the kids in his spare time.

“When We Get Out Of The Glass Bottle Of Our Ego And When We Escape Like The Squirrels In The Cage Of Our Personality And Get Into The Forest Again, We Shall Shiver With Cold And Fright. But Things Will Happen To Us So We Don’t Know Ourselves. Cool, Unlying, Life Will Rush In.

                    -D.H Lawrence 



Meow, I’m Roo, The real baby of the family. My mom always tells me I’m the happy go lucky one. I love to snuggle with my human siblings and I don’t like to be left alone. Some of my favorite things to do are chase bugs, suntan, and play with the different things I find around the house,



Meow, I’m Shiva, I like to think of myself as a high class kitty, I’m proud of who I am! I like to hang out with my dad while he’s getting his work done. His computer is always within view of the kitchen, that’s where they keep the food. Some of my favorite things to do are eat, sleep, and eat some more. Food is so yummy!



“Twenty Years From Now You Will Be More Disappointed By The Thing That You Didn’t Do Than By The One’s You Did Do. So Throw Off The Bowlines, Sail Away From The Safe Harbor, Catch The Trade Winds In Your Sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.