Airbnb Review For Host & Guests

Airbnb Review For Host & Guests

Airbnb Review (Savannah Georgia)

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Now for the review.

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GUEST HOUSE: This guest house was on the lower level of the home with a separate entrance from the main house. There was a dining area, kitchen, bathroom with shower, living room, and one bedroom with a walk-in closet.

Living Room
Living Room
Living Room
Kitchen 2
Walk In Closet
Bath Room

Overall Thoughts

We have always loved staying in guesthouses. There is something about them that we love. Maybe it’s because the first Airbnb we stayed in was a guest house, I don’t know, but we love them.

This one wasn’t any different, the host provided everything one would need for a couple of day vacation, basic pots, and pans, enough toilet paper for a few days, and a T.V with Netflix, to name a few. Our favorite part about this place, however, was the amenities in the backyard. There was a zip-line, trampoline, tree fort, a couple of tree swings, and an Air rocket type toy the hosts allowed us to use.

With that being said, I’m not sure we would have liked staying here any longer than a couple of days. Our pots and pans were limited, we didn’t have a washer or dryer, and as mentioned in the listing, you can hear the family upstairs walking around.

Things We Loved About This Airbnb

  • The provided an actual mattress for the kids instead of a blow-up one..
  • There was a zip line.
  • There was plenty of toilet paper
  • Tree fort in the yard
  • We were provided with a fire pit in the back yard.
  • Books were provided. They were baby books, but we still read them.
  • The couches and beds were comfy and we were provided with extra blankets and sheets
  • Swings in the back yard.
  • The host didn’t provide coffee.
  • You could hear the people upstairs walking around.
  • We would have liked better pans. Maybe one big enough to cook pasta for a family of four.
  • The fire alarm went off very easily

Would We Recommend This Place To A Friend?

Yes, for a couple of day stay.

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