Books & Reading While Full-Time Traveling/RVing

Books & Reading While Full-Time Traveling/RVing

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Loads of physical books on every shelf in my house is a distant memory of the past. It’s one of those things we had to give up when we chose to live life as a minimalist nomadic family bouncing from one place to another on a monthly bases. We used to love our books dearly! We were always at the libraries, used book sales, purchasing new books to bring home. Garage sales, bookstores, curriculum fairs, if there were books we were there.


That life changed when we decided to go RVing across the country. We had to dramatically cut back our collection and find another way to read. It was difficult and became more difficult when we decided to sell our RV and travel around with only a few pieces of luggage. That was when we had to get rid of every book we owned (with the exception of a few we keep in the car). It was the moment I realized I had to find other options.


I needed to know if I could still use the public library, what other traveling families used and if there were any digital options.


Here’s what I learned.,

The More That You Read The More That You Know, The More Things You Will Know. The More That You Learn, The More Places You’ll Go.    -Dr. Suess

The public Library Was Still An Option

You can still use the library! You can even check out books and bring them home to read depending on your location. Some of the libraries allow you to obtain a guest library card free of charge as if you were a local. Others allow you to obtain one for a fee ranging anywhere from $5-$150. A few of the libraries may allow you to use the address of the place you’re staying, while others won’t let you check out books.


If that’s the case you can always spend your day there enjoying the books or take advantage of the library book exchange box. It’s a great way to keep new books coming in and going out, rather than stocking up on books.

Amazon Prime Reading

If you travel full-time changes are you already have Amazon Prime. If you don’t I suggest you look into a membership. On top of free two-day shipping and both a music and video library, they offer a book library as well. Making it a must for full-time traveling families and book lovers.

Audio Books Are Great Learning On The Road

Our family loves audio books! We even used to use them while living in our sticks and bricks house. Our history curriculum (Story Of The World) got us hooked to them.

We love them because they help a story come to life and allow us to listen to much more than we would be able to read. They allow Mackenzie and Xavier to listen to books that are different reading levels with a voice that isn’t mine. A great way to build their vocabulary!


Audible is another thing you can add to your Amazon Prime Account. They have the worlds largest collection of audio books and offer an affordable way to obtain several different books. For $14.95 per month, you will receive three audio books with discounts on any additional books you would like to purchase.


Get your 30-day free trial here.

E-books Are Better Than Nothing

If you don’t have any interest in adding any monthly fees to your budget and don’t mind reading books off of your digital devices, the websites below are worth checking out. They are 100% free of charge and offer large collections of E-Books

This is a free service offered by your library or school that allows you to borrow digital content anywhere in the United States.


Additional Websites

These websites offer thousands of books for you to read free of charge.


Do you have any additional choices for books while on the road? If so be sure to let us know in the comments below. I am always looking for different sources for books.