Chester Carry-On Suitcase Review

Chester Carry-On Suitcase Review

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It’s crazy to sit here and think about how much our life has changed over the past three years. It seems like just yesterday we were going through the daunting process of selling our house and the majority of our belongings to start living our life on the road. I remember the very moment that we handed over the keys to our house in exchange for the keys to our fifth-wheel. We felt independent and free as a bird. It was like every string that was holding us down had been cut, and we were able to do anything we set our minds to.

Watch Our Downsize Process HERE

Our time spent living and traveling in our fifth-wheel transformed our lives. It taught us to live not in the future, nor the past, but at that very moment in our lives. We learned that providing our kids with experiences offered much more value than any one thing we could purchase them. 

It wasn’t long after this that we realized we could live with even less. We sold everything once again, bought our Subaru Outback. Threw what was left of our belongings in the back and off we went again. 

Only this time we covered much more ground, hitting 10 more states than we had our previous year of travel which made us realize that our stuff was preventing us from living the free lifestyle we had always dreamed.

“It is Preoccupation with possession, more than anything else, that prevents men from living freely and nobly.” -Bertrand Russell-

So this time around were only allowing ourselves to have a carry-on size suitcase each.

Why A Carry-on Size And Not A Regular Suitcase Size?

Life is simpler that way. As long as we have clothes to wear, laptops to get our work done, food to eat, and a place to lay our head at night, we’re good to go. Anything additional is just unnecessary stress. Plus, If we ever decided to hop on a plane, we’ll save a butt load of time and money, not having to check our bags and no lost luggage.

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1) We Love The Size

As of now, we have to fit four of these bad boys along with camping supplies in the back of our car, so size matters. However, that wasn’t why we chose the Chester carry-on size. We chose it because it’s the perfect size to carry with you while flying with any airline. This compact 21.5” x 13.5” x 8.5″ design weighs in at just 7 pounds and meets the TSA and ISTA cabin baggage guidelines. 

2) Organized Compartments

The key to minimalism and life on the road is organization. Without it, life can get chaotic quickly. We love how these suitcases offer several compartments. When opened each side of the case has their own zipped off section. For us, one half is for our clothing and the other anything additional we would like to bring.

The left side also has two smaller compartments that would be perfect for cords or maybe your toiletries while the right has an additional medium compartment, plus a removable nylon laundry bag to separate your clean and dirty clothes. Score!

3) Easy For Our Kids To Handle On Their Own

We needed a suitcase that both of our kids could handle, carrying around on their own and the fact that this suitcase offers not two but four 360 degree multi-directional spinner wheels, makes that a possibility. We don’t have to worry about them straining their shoulder while pulling it around. All they need to do is adjust the handle to the low position and push it where ever their heart desires or where we tell them to. : )

4) They're Stylish

Not only are these suitcases of good quality, but they also look fabulous with their sleek modern design. We chose two dark greys, one light blue, and a dark blue and they all look great.

5) They Can Withstand Full-time Travel

We needed a suitcase that would survive a life on the road while being used and abused. In other words, we needed extreme durability. I believe with Chester’s water resistant, 100% Makrolon Polycarbonate hardshell this suitcase can survive that life, but I’ll have to let you know more on that in an updated blog post after using it for a while. 

As of now, I can say the zippers don’t snag.

We’re excited to bring this suitcase along with us on our travels. We feel as though it’s a perfect fit! What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

Oh, one last thing I should mention is that this suitcase has TSA approved locks. Perfect if you plan to check your bags and don’t forget to use the code 10AF for 10% off of your purchase.

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“As You Simplify Your Life, The Laws Of The Universe Will Be Simpler; Solitude Will Not Be Solitude, Poverty Will Not Be Poverty, Nor Weakness Weakness.” – Henry David Thoreau