Exploring Interstate State Park

Exploring Interstate State Park

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When we arrived in Wisconsin I didn’t have any RV parks reserved or outings planned. I thought it would be fun to go with the flow, land where ever and search for things to do in the area when we arrived. 


This seemed to work out great. Justin found a campground located on the shore of Shell Lake, only a few steps from the library. It had been a long time since the kids had been able to swim in a lake or visit any library So, this was super exciting for the both of them. We spent 7 nights here and never pulled the truck out of the park. Can you guess what we did all seven days?


Mackenzie loved seeing all of the different sail boats.

“Traveling Is Not Something Your’re Good At. It’s Something You Do. LIKE BREATHING.”              -Gail Forman

 I was on baby sitting duty while the kids went swimming

Every park we go to the kids test the speed of the slide. I believe they said the one above was medium speed.

The Shell Lake Library was tiny. Half off the building in not even part of the library , but the kids loved every activity there. 

We also stayed on the border of Minnesota and Wisconsin in Taylor Falls. During our stay, I searched the area for things to do and found Interstate Park.  This park is known for its glacier holes and different rock formation, however, we just came from parks like Arches and Canyonlands, so we weren’t necessarily impressed but enjoyed getting outside and hiking. .

Daddy showed them how to poop out a pine cone.

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