Franconia Sculpture Park

Franconia Sculpture Park

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I remember back when Xavier was around the age of five we entered him in a Christmas coloring contest. He colored everything different colors then I thought he should have. Santas beard was blue and his clothes were a mixture of colors. I didn’t think there was a chance he was going to win that contest, but I sent it in the mail anyway. About a month later we received a letter in the mail stating Xavier won the coloring contest and a received a five dollar check. 

 Since that day I’ve learned to let the kids be creative and do what makes sense to them. If they want Santas beard blue, then color it blue. I think this helps them learn to think and express their, own ideas and gives them an opportunity to do a project free of restrictions.

I have a large bin full of craft supplies I keep for the kids to be able to create artwork on a regular basis but it’s not very often we find a sculpture park to visit. So when we discovered Franconia Sculpture Park, we jumped at the opportunity to make a visit. It was an extra bonus that it was free.

“Art Enables Us To Find Ourselves And Loose Ourselves At The Same Time”

This is a park made by one of the artist. Absolutely loved playing on the structure.

We had a ton of fun playing on this swing set together!

I think Justin as a little cunfused by this piece of art!

Mackenzie impressed us with how well she could explain the thoughts behind the artist while they were making each piece of art. Who knows if she was right but she sure had some stories! She also instantly knew this was a flower.

Another Play Sculpture To Play On

Michael Richards is the artist of “Are You Down” (picture below) He creates art that challenges oppression and addresses issues of social injustice.He was chosen for artist-in-residence for World News and he tragically died while working in his studio during the September 11th bombings. 

 If you are ever in the Taylor Falls area I suggest checking this place out. It wont disappoint.