How To Receive Mail While Traveling Full-Time
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How To Receive Mail While Traveling Full-Time

I like to think of a home a lot like Cecilia Ahearn, that it isn’t a place, its a feeling. It’s where your heart is. It doesn’t need to be a stationary house filled with miscellaneous belongings we never use, to keep us in debt our entire lives. It can be a motor home, fifth-wheel, travel trailer, tiny home, or a place that doesn’t have four walls. I believe home is a place you reside with your family and feel secure, to lay your head at night. A place you’re surrounded by the people you love. A place you can let loose and feel at ease. A place you feel at home.

I’ve Learned That Home Isn’t A Place, It’s A Feeling –

 Cecelia Ahearn"

However, it doesn’t matter what I believe because society believes otherwise. Google defines home as a place where one permanently lives. We’re expected to have a physical home, a legal residence where we can receive important documents such as a drivers license, vehicle registration, and insurance paperwork.

“You cannot discover infinite knowledge with a Google search. It is only searchable in you” ― Shaun S. Lott

So, what do you do when you travel full-time and don’t stay in any particular place for any length of time?


You Get To Decide Which State You Would Like To Call Your Permanent Home. You can choose anyone located in the United States, although, Many full-time travelers choose between the states South Dakota, Florida, and Texas. These states offer benefits like no income taxes, relaxed homeschooling laws, park discounts, and cheaper medical insurance rates.


Texas Benefits

No State Income Tax

You Can Register To Vote By Mail

Renew Your Drivers Licence By Mail

Offers Low Vehicle Registration Fees

Easy To Home-school Your Kids


South Dakota Benefits

No State Income Tax

Offers Low Sales Tax When Purchasing a Vehicle

Cheaper Car Insurance Than Most States

Drivers Licence Cost Are Low


Florida Benefits

Discounts At Amusement Parks

No Investment Or Income Tax

Offers Retirees Several Choices Of Health Insurance


Now that you have an address how do you get the mail when you aren’t there?


If you haven’t already, you need to go paperless and set up everything you can electronically. In today’s world that should be just about everything, you have sent to your mailbox, except for the paperwork on your driver’s license and Insurance policies or a few other miscellaneous things.


For that kind of paperwork, you’re going to need someone to collect and handle your mail for you. If you don’t have a family member or friend to help with this task, there are many mail forwarding services out there that can handle all of your mail.

Each forwarding service works differently, but the basic concept is they provide you with a personal address, that you will then give to any organizations that require you to have a permanent address. They will then receive and hold all of your mail until you are ready to have it forwarded to a temporary address you are staying


I have provided links of every mail forwarding service I know of below.


The Most Popular Ones Seem To Be…..


My RV Mail:

EscapeesRV Club


Americas Mail Box US Global Mail

Traveling Mailbox

USPS General Delivery

If you aren’t looking for a permanent address or have a family member collecting your mail for you, but your current location doesn’t accept mail. The USPS General delivery might be an option for you.


All you would need to do is give the person sending your mail the postal service address in your area and have them fill out the envelope with your name and the words general delivery written on the top. The post office will then hold your mail for a period of time or until you arrive to pick it up.


NOTE: This works differently in every area, so be sure to contact your local post office beforehand.


Now For Packages

In our opinion packages are the easiest items to receive while traveling full-time. They work the same way they did while living in your sticks and bricks home. You have the package sent to whichever address you are staying. Over the past two years, We’ve had packages sent to RV parks, Airbnb homes, Fed-Ex store, UPS stores, and have used Amazon lockers without issues.

Amazon Prime Works great for getting packages fast

Amazon Lockers work great when you are boon-docking or don’t have an address

UPS and FedEx work when you need an item shipped that isn’t on Amazon


Do You Travel Full-time? How do you receive your mail? Let us know in the comment below.

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