The Best Travel Gifts For Kids

The Best Travel Gifts For Kids

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Purchasing things for kids that travel continuously can be tricky. You might wonder if they will take it with them, or leave it behind because of their lack of space. Nobody likes buying a toy for a child they know isn’t going to be used.  

Figuring out what to purchase them, however, shouldn’t be an issue. All you need to do is get a bit creative and figure out what items will earn a place into their suitcase or maybe something that doesn’t take up any space at all. 

Some things to think about before making the purchase are is the item useful, necessary, short term- something they will use for a short period like a science kit, or does the item enhance their wanderlust or education? If so, you’re on the right track.

Our family travels full-time with a suitcase and backpack apiece. The kids are allowed to keep whichever items they would like as long as they can fit into those two items along with their clothing. Over the past three years of our travels, we’ve learned a thing or two about minimalism. We know which kind of items work perfectly with life on the go.

This post will consist of travel-associated items that are perfect for children on the move. 

What To Buy A Kid That Travels Full-Time.

Travel & Educational Games

Games are a great way to keep kids of all ages entertained. Our kids have always loved the card game The Scrambled States of America & Road Trip bingo. We did take Scrambled States Of America our of the box to make it more transportable.

They’re a ton of choices to choose from, like travel scrabble, story cubes, or The Licence Plate Game.

Mad Libs would be fun too.


Binoculars are handy to have for kids that are frequent travelers. Many families visit National Parks and as much fun as it is to be within a couple of feet of a wild animal, we don’t always get that lucky.  Sometimes we spot them far out in a field that requires binoculars

Jr. Ranger Gear

Every family we know that travels full-time participates in the National Park Jr. Ranger Program. It’s a great program! Kids complete an activity book related to whichever park they are visiting and then turn their completed book into a park ranger who then swears them in as a Jr. Ranger and rewards the child with a badge.

There are plenty of fun items to purchase to make the experience that much more fun like hats, vests, books, patches. The best park is every dollar you spend is helping support our national parks.

Outdoor Toys

When I wrote about the downsides to fulltime travel, I mentioned not being able to have a bike. Our kids loved theirs while we lived in the fifth wheel, and having to get rid of them was a bummer. We recently found out about these foldable bikes that could be the perfect fit. They are small and compact.

We also love our foldable frisbee, and this reinflatable Ollyball looks neat.

World Map

The Gift Of An Experience

Many traveling families would rather their children have experiences instead of items. You could provide them with tickets to a cultural attraction, theme park, or memberships to the zoo or science museum.

We love that my dad purchases us a membership to the science museum every year. It’s something that we use regularly. It grants us access to museums all across the country.

Luggage ID tags or Passport covers

Kids Travel Bags

There are a ton of adorable bags out there that kids not only need but will love to show off. Had our kids been a few years younger when we started to travel, you can bet they would have had the Trunki rideable suitcase. How cute would it be to see a little one riding around the airport?

There is also a ridable backpack for older kids called the scooter backpack. This one on Xavier’s list of wants!

For a child interested in a more casual backpack, you might like an Mountain Warehouse Backpack or an Fjallraven Bag.

A teen might be more interested in bags like the REI or Osprey.

Durable Camera

As a family of travel vloggers, we always have a camera in our hands. I’m sure this is the case for any family that travels fulltime, and kids love to mimic their parents.

An affordable waterproof or Fujifilm Instax Mini camera would work for a young child that wants a camera like their parents but isn’t ready for anything pricey.

If you’re shopping for a child a bit older, I’d suggest getting an action camera that is similar to the GoPro.

Travel Pillow

Art Supplies

I’ve been on the hunt for ways to incorporate more art into our kid’s lives. Several of the Jr. Ranger books require them to draw a picture of something they see in the wild or color a picture. I think a micro art set and notepad would be handy for any world schooler. Its a journal of art. 

Packing Cubes

I’ve been hesitant to purchase these traveling cubes. They seem unnecessary to me, but other travelers love them. They are supposed to help make packing easier. 

They would help keep Mackenzie’s tiny toys organized.

3DS Or Nintindo Switch Game System

These game systems was designed, with traveling in mind. Both make for perfect entertainment while either in travel or stationary. We love ours!

These don’t replace the experience of having a physical book, but they do help keep the cost down for families that like to have new books regularly while traveling. Toss in an Audio membership, and you have a whole digital library.

Kids Drone

If you’re shopping for someone extra special to you or the cost isn’t a concern, you might consider a tablet. Every child seems to be interested in electronics. Our kids loved the Nabi when they were younger. Currently, they are loving their Samsung tablets to watch movies while camping.

Another expensive item, but a fantastic for teenage boys, who love to game.

Water Bottle

We are constantly losing our water bottles on the road. A replacement is nice to have..

Head Phones

Every traveler needs a good set of headphones. They are essential to traveling in a vehicle with others.  We have a pair of hulk ones that Xavier passed down to Mackenzie. He decided to upgrade to his Turtle Beach headphones.

Stuffed Animals

If you follow us on Youtube, I’m sure you know that both of our kids are obsessed with their stuffed animals. They go everywhere with us and being that they’re lightweight, they make the perfect item to pack into a suitcase. 

The following items aren’t the best travel toys for every kid, but rather the items that our children choose to pack in their suitcases.

Do you know of any other travel toys that are not mentioned in this post. Let us know in the comments below.

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