The Mall Of America

The Mall Of America

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 At 4.87 million square feet, the Mall of America is the nation’s largest mall. You could fit seven Yankee Stadiums inside, 32 Boeing 747’s, or 258 Statue of Liberty. It features over 520 stores. If you were to spend 10 minutes in each store, it would take you 86 hours to complete the task. The mall also has an aquarium, comedy venue, Lego land, Crayola experience, food galore, and an amusement park. 


We first learned about this mall a few years back while watching the movie Mighty Ducks. We remember them zipping through on their roller-blades and riding a roller-coaster inside the mall. How fun is that? We thought it looked fun, but at the time we weren’t mall people and driving 10 hours to go to a mall wasn’t going to happen.


Fast forward a few years. 
We’re still not mall people but a 10-hour drive isn’t very difficult, and this mall happened to be on our way back to Michigan.


The kids loved the farting noise the green goo would make.

“See The World It’s More Fantastic Than Any Dream Made Or Paid For In Factories ”               -Ray Bradbury-

 Ninja Turtle ride

I love art!

The blues clues rides brought back memories of Xavier’s childhood

Rock paper scissors


The crocodile never gets old
She was trying to decide between riding the roller-coasters or making a stuffed Pikachu

I’m too cheap to buy a picture. This is the one they had on the screen. I could hear Mackenzie screaming from the floor and Justin said Xavier kept yelling “Hold on to her dad” over and over again. I love how protective he is of his sister. 

This is a mall I would defiantly like to return to sometime. : )