The Most Common Full-Time Family Travel Questions: Boundless Bakers

The Most Common Full-Time Family Travel Questions: Boundless Bakers

Wooooo Hoooo, finally another family that travels full-time with their kitty cats, 3 of them in fact. I can’t tell you how many times we ran into people when we RVed that gave their kitties away to travel full-time. It always broke our hearts! Why is it people don’t think cats will enjoy traveling full-time? Our’s love it, Roo more so than Sheiva, but they both enjoy discovering different kinds of bugs and having a new place to sniff out often, and apparently it’s not only ours, The Boundless Bakers kitties love it as well. So, if you won’t take our word for it, take theirs.

Meet The Boundless Bakers.

We are a family of four, seven if you count the cats, and have been traveling full-time for about a year and a half. We launched from Heber City, UT, and have visited 17 states and 2 Canadian Providences in our tiny home on wheels!

What Made You Decide To Travel Full-Time?

We were tired of living just to support a lifestyle we weren’t all that happy with. My husband and I both had great jobs, we lived in a beautiful home in a beautiful place, but we never had time to really enjoy life. We worked a combined 90+ hours a week, had a full-time nanny that watched the kids, and we only really had the weekends to spend time together as a family. We needed something to change. Living this lifestyle has allowed us WAY more time to spend together and a chance to see so many amazing places!

What Do You Use For Accommodation?

We have a 35ft. fifth wheel. We feel we have plenty of space to live comfortably and never miss living in a big house!

My husband works remotely for a software company. As long as we have WiFi, he is able to work from anywhere!


Probably my biggest tip is to try and eat out as little as possible. It’s crazy how quickly eating out can destroy your budget. We love trying local food while traveling so we will pick some up at the grocery store and cook it ourselves!

Do you homeschool? What is your style of teaching/curriculum?

My kids are only 3 and 5, but yes we’ve started homeschooling. We don’t use a particular curriculum yet but a variety of workbooks and educational games. We also learn so much so travel and play so getting out and exploring is a big part of our schooling! 

What's Your Favorite Place You've Visited So Far?

That’s a hard question since every place is so different! We absolutely loved the Oregon coast and plan to spend a lot more time there. We also fell in love with Banff. Also the Florida Keys!

What Is One Item You Couldn't Travel Without?

Good question! There are a number of items that we’ve found to make this lifestyle more manageable and enjoyable. We spend a lot of time outside so anything that makes that time more comfortable. You can find all of our must-have items in our Amazon store!

This was one of our biggest worries but it hasn’t been an issue! We’ve met so many families with kids while traveling. Some kids we’ve seen over and over again allowing for friendships to form. My kids are pretty shy but I’ve seen them come out of their shells and play with other kids so well since we’ve started traveling!

Do You Have Any Tips For Traveling With Kids?

Go with the flow. Routines are sometimes hard to keep when everything is changing all of the time. Some days might not go exactly as you expect and that’s okay. 

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