The Most Common Full-Time Family Travel Questions: Counting Continents

The Most Common Full-Time Family Travel Questions: Counting Continents

As I’m sure your aware now, from reading our past interviews, you don’t have to be rich to travel full-time. Families manage to travel on many different budgets, but my question is, is that the only thing stopping you from hitting the road or is it something else like fear of homeschooling, socialization for your kids, or downsizing?

 Let us know in the comments what your questions are, so we can get them answered in future interviews.?

Now, for this week’s family Interview, let’s meet a family that goes by the name Counting Continents.

We are Mum (Liz), Dad (Dan) and 8 & 6 yo boys 

What Made You Decide To Travel Full-Time?

It all started with an offhand comment on going traveling as I was indecisive about what the best option for my son was – starting him at school at 4 or holding him back for an entire year.

My husband immediately jumped at the idea as his job in Sydney was very high pressure, and for years he had been working 6 days a week & was burning out.

What Do You Use For Accommodation?

We have a Jayco Starcraft Outback caravan 

We saved for a year, started cutting back on things like gym memberships & take away coffees we sold most of our household possessions, as well as our car and now rent out our property. We were both entitled to long service leave and annual leave so cashed in this too. 

Fuel is our biggest expense. We buy discount vouchers to use at petrol stations and use a fuel app to locate the cheapest fuel.

We shop at farmers markets where we can and meal plan so we don’t find ourselves eating out unnecessarily. When we stop on long journeys we can just hop in the van and make fresh lunches.

There are always free activities and places to camp, you just need to do some research. 

Do you homeschool? What is your style of teaching/curriculum?

We do Distance Education. It’s based on the school curriculum, and every term our teaching materials are sent out & we complete the work as best we can & submit fortnightly. 

The real life lessons and learning occurs daily in our travels! 

What do you do for health insurance?

We have private health insurance. Insurance for your health, especially when traveling with kids is an expense we just have to accept. (We’ve already had to call an ambulance this year) 

Is There Anything You Don't Like About Traveling Full-time?

Personal space….occasionally it’s nice to hear your own thoughts which are rare when traveling with 2 young kids

What's Your Favorite Place You've Visited So Far?

That’s a tough one. So far I think it would be Bay of Fires in Tasmania – absolutely pristine water with dolphins, stunning sunsets and free camping right on the beach

Is there a place you've been to that you consider overrated?

Bondi Beach – with over 10,000 beaches in Australia I don’t know why overseas visitors all flock here

Is there a place you've been to that you consider underrated?

Tasmania – there is so much variation in landscape, so much to see, it’s very pristine and the food is incredible

What Is One Item You Couldn't Travel Without?

For me it’s my camera to record all those memories! 

My eldest who was rather introverted before traveling has learned to make friends within minutes – there’s a special bond that traveling kids have as they are living the same lifestyle, so their friendships are actually more varied than they were at home.

Do You Have Any Tips For Traveling With Kids?

Lower your expectations, let them have a say in what you do & where you go – it makes them feel in control, included and valued. 

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