Things To Do In Saint George Utah

Things To Do In Saint George Utah

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St. George, Utah. Our favorite destination, yet! We adore everything about this area- except for the intense summer heat, that could go, but, it truly is a gorgeous place and is full of different things to do. We’ve visited twice now and still haven’t completed our bucket list for the area. It’s almost overwhelming! I think we could keep busy all day every day for a month straight and still not feel like we completed it all.

“You Cannot Describe Zion, You Can Only Experience It”

We first discovered Utah’s beauty in May 2016 during our visit to Snow Canyon State Park. We only had the opportunity to spend a week in the area and were lucky to get that. It was during spring break and apparently, Utah is a popular place to be during that time. We drove into St. George from Mesquite, Nevada and were blown away by the scenery on our way. Once we caught a glimpse of stunning Red Rocks that surround the whole town, we instantly fell in love with the area.


In fact, if for some reason or another we weren’t able to travel anymore and had to choose a place to settle down, St. George, Utah would be that place.


There is a ton to do within an hours drive.

Things To Do In St. George Utah

#1 Zion National Park

Wow, Wow, Wow, is all I can say about this park. As I’ve said before the best way to explain the feeling of visiting Zion is from the scene from Jurrasic Park. You know when they opened the ginormous doors and said “Welcome to Jurassic Park” and everyone just looked up dumbfounded. Yup, that was our reactions to seeing Zion for the time. It was like we just discovered a new part of the world that no one had ever seen before. And that was just the drive into the park. There are many different hiking trails, some of the most popular ones being Angels Landing and the Narrows. Don’t stop there though, be sure to hike some of the others.

One tip I do have is to make sure you arrive early in the morning, as the crowds can become unbearing later in the day.

#2 Red Cliffs Conservation Area

We haven’t had the opportunity to visit this park. We weren’t aware of it during our first visit to the area and our second visit was during the hottest point of the summer. I figured the river would be dried up and there wouldn’t be much of a waterfall, both the highlights of the area. During the springtime, however, I imagine it would be beautiful with the flowing water and different rock formations

#3 Ananzi Ridge Petroglyphs

Ananzi Ridge is a beautiful place to visit whether you’re looking to view some beautiful scenery or check out some petroglyphs. My only suggestion would be not to make the same mistake we did by visiting during the summer heat. The trail doesn’t offer any shade and zigzags all the way to the different petroglyphs.


#4 The Virgin River

We hiked in the Virgin River while hiking through the narrows at Zion National Park, but, this famous river runs from Zion through Arizona and into the Colorado River in Nevada. This river offers tons of recreational activities like swimming, river rafting and of course, hiking.

#5 Pioneer Park

Pioneer Park, Dixie Rock, or sometimes called the Sugarloaf can’t be missed while visiting St. George. It’s located above the city with the word “Dixie” written on a ginormous red rock in huge white letters. Our kids loved climbing on the different rocks and squeezing themselves into the narrow canyons. There’s also an old Pioneer cave that I found cool.

#6 Glitter Mountain

Technically located in Arizona glitter mountain is any rock-loving kids dream. In the past, it was an old Gypsum mining site, but today it’s a very popular tourist destination. The sparkling mountain is full of the mineral gypsum and free to the public to both visit and takes a piece home with them. The only request from the owner is to take what’s already on the ground. He doesn’t want guests extracting large chucks from the mountain. Doesn’t seem to like too much to ask.

#7 Snow Canyon State Park

Our favorite state park! While Snow Canyon may not be as big as a National Park it offers s variety of different activities. Some of our favorites were, hiking with a gorgeous view of the mix of red and white canyons, playing on the sand dunes, walking through a narrow canyon, going down in a couple of lava tubes, checking out some petroglyphs, plus much more. A must see if in the area.


#9 Pine Valley Recreational Area

If you’re looking for a place to escape the surrounding desert heat, you will definitely want to visit Pine Valley Recreational Area. It offers a much lower temperature than the desert, a creek for the kids to play and a gorgeous green scenery.


#10 Sand Hollow State Park

We love this state park! It’s a place I wouldn’t have thought existed in the middle of the desert. The park does a great job of keeping everything organized as well. There’s an area for the boats and jet skis, an area for just a casual swim with a little bit of sand, an area for the people that would like to participate in cliff jumping, and a small creek. I also heard there was a waterfall located in the park.


#11 Warner Valley Dinosaur Track Site

Have a Dinosaur lover in the family? You’ll definitely want to check out Warner Valley. Here you will be able to walk where the dinosaurs walked. The best part is that it’s free.

#11 Kanarraville Falls Hike

We haven’t had the chance to hike Kanarraville falls trail. Its one of those trails that requires a permit (available to anyone) that cost $8 to obtain. Cheap for one person, but, adds up when you’re paying for four. Still, a place I’d like to visit once we complete all of the free hikes in the area. I hear the trail competes with the Narrows trail at Zion National Park. We loved that one. It’s a hike mostly in water along a narrow canyon, complete with ropes, ladders and natural waterslides.


#12 Gunlock State Park

This is a small states park that’s great for both kayaking and cliff jumping. Another great way to escape the desert heat.


Do you know of any awesome places to check out in St. George Utah? If so, let us know in the comments below. We would love to check them out.