Things We Love

Vlogging Gear

Did you know we have a YouTube channel where we vlog our life? We have a blast sharing our adventures with all of you and it wouldn't be possible with out all of camera gear and music subscriptions.

Travel Gear

We don't own much! If fact, other than camping supplies, everything we own fits into a suitcase and backpack each. Here is what we own and love.

Travel Quote

We are obsessed with different travel quotes! They are a constant reminder of the importance of travel and how it positively impacts our children's life.
We love them so much that we decided to plaster them all over different products.

Unrootme Gear

Guess what? We have UnrootMe products and of course we love them.


We love using our Amazon Prime Membership. It's what allows us to receive some of the items we need in a timely manner

If you use amazon as well we would love for you to use our affiliate link. You'll receive 5% off your purchase and we'll get a small percentage. It's a win-win.


Traveling full-time is a blast, but for our family, it means not owning our own home. For the past three years, we've used a combination of RV parks, Airbnb, and housesitting. If you are interested in giving one of these accommodations a try be sure to use our referral links for a discount. : )

RV Gear

When we first set out to travel full-time we lived in a fifth-wheel. These were the items that we loved and found necessary to live in our RV. We've also included the memberships we used. There are several more you can learn about in my RV memberships post.


We love having the opportunity to teach our children hands on, out in the real world. It's something we will forever be greatful for.

Any contributions to their education are greatly appreciated.


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