What We Love About Legoland Florida

What We Love About Legoland Florida

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This past month our family took a trip to Legoland, Florida. It was the one amusement park in all of the Orlando area that the kids wanted to visit. They’re both huge Lego fans and up until our RV lifestyle were members of the lego club. In this club, they received a magazine filled with all things LEGO including puzzles, games, building guides and you guessed it advertisements for Legoland. They had wanted to visit this place for years.  It’s one of the first things they both asked to do when we arrived in Orlando. Now, typically we’re not amusement park type of people. We would rather be out hiking and in nature. We did, however, make an exception for Legoland and as the LEGO movie says “Everything is/was AWESOME!”

Below are five reasons our family loved Legoland, Florida


1) Dining options.

“Everything Is Awesome!”

 When it comes to your dining options. Legoland isn’t your typical one size fits all amusement park. They cater to a variety of diets. Whether your gluten intolerant, Have a dairy or soy allergy, Can’t eat peanuts or are vegetarian or vegan Legoland has you covered. How awesome is that? I’m going to have to say pretty awesome! 
If you’re interested in the dietary guide, click here.


2) Pirates Cove 

The water ski show at Pirates Cove was definitely my personal favorite. There were giant Mini LEGO figures, and pirates on water skis, jet skis, and boats. They also performed some impressive stunts such as back-flips and jumping ramps. It was amazing and is a must see if you’re planning a visit.


3) Mini LEGO figure trading.

f you don’t know about Mini Lego figure trading at Legoland here is how it works. 1) Your child brings one, two or however many lego figures they want to trade from home 2) Be on the lookout for Model Citizens with a mini-figure you would like to trade. 3) Request to trade 4) Keep the Mini-figure unless you find one you like better.  This was by far the highlight the kids trip. They were constantly on the lookout for Lego figures they wanted to trade. 


4) Model Citizens (Employees)

 Every model citizen at Legoland was eager to help in whatever possible. They all had fun personalities and I’m not sure our day here would have been the same without them. 


5) Roller-coasters

The Roller coasters here were perfect for our family. Everyone including Mackenzie met the height requirements for all of the rides except for Mias Adventure. Each ride was gentle enough for Mackenzie yet had enough thrill for Xavier.


Have you been to Legoland, Florida? If so what was your favorite part? Comment below.  

Also, if you want to take a peek at our day at Legoland, you can check it out here.